Better Breath, Better Health: Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in New Port Richey, FL

At Animal Care Center of Pasco County in New Port Richey, FL, we recognize the critical role dental health plays in ensuring your pet’s health and happiness. Surprisingly, by the tender age of three, many dogs and cats start showing signs of dental disease, an uncomfortable condition that affects the teeth and gums. This condition can make routine living more challenging for your pet, and without timely treatment, it can affect other parts of the body and cause chronic illness.

Aside from keeping your pet’s breath fresh, our professional cat and dog teeth cleaning services can also improve your pet’s oral health and overall bodily health. Preventing dental disease becomes significantly easier when your pet receives routine dental care at home and at our animal hospital!

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The Hidden Dangers of Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

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Dental disease is not a mere inconvenience. It's a significant health issue that can lead to daily pain, difficulty eating, and even systemic health problems due to bacteria entering the bloodstream, potentially affecting the heart, liver, and kidneys. That's why focusing on pet dental care, including regular cat and dog teeth cleaning, is not just about fresh breath—it's a vital part of their health regimen.

When we see your pet for their routine checkup, these are the signs of dental disease we try to look for:

  • Bad breath (a hallmark of poor oral hygiene)
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Heavy drooling (often a sign of oral pain)
  • Yellow/brown buildup along the gum line

We’ll also ask about your pet’s habits at home. Do they drop their food when they eat? Are they having some trouble chewing? These might be signs of dental disease.

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Our Approach to Pet Dental Care

At Animal Care Center of Pasco County, we are deeply committed to providing personalized, loving care to your pet, and dental care is no exception.

Here's how we address pet dental care at our animal hospital in New Port Richey, FL:

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We’re Here to Support All Your Pet’s Dental Care Needs

Whether you need help learning how to brush your pet’s teeth at home or would like to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning appointment, we’re here to help! Contact us and let our friendly team work with you to ensure your pet's dental health is on the right track.