Cat and Dog X-Ray Imaging and Lab Diagnostics in New Port Richey, FL

Diagnostics are critical to understanding your pet’s health. At Animal Care Center of Pasco County, we use our in-house laboratory, CT scan, and digital X-ray for dogs and cats. This equipment gives our veterinarians and staff a more comprehensive view of your pet’s condition and various organ systems. It is also essential for diagnosing underlying problems that could cause serious illness in your pet. With our advanced laboratory and radiology tools, we can offer better treatment options and the potential for a healthier, longer life for your companion.

We recommend routine checkups and tests to assess your pet’s health. If they’re due for an exam, contact us today!

Cat And Dog X Ray Lab Diagnostics New Port Richey Fl

Early Detection with Cat and Dog X-Rays

It’s easier to discover and treat health issues early on in dogs and cats with the help of our X-ray technology. X-rays leverage electromagnetic radiation to create high-contrast images of the bones, joints, heart, lungs, and other areas of the body. This method helps us identify various conditions such as bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, foreign objects, and dental problems.

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Enhancing Our Diagnostics with CT Scans

CT stands for “computer tomography.” It offers a more detailed look inside your pet’s body, complementing X-ray imaging to provide clearer, cross-sectional views of the soft tissues. This advanced equipment can help us detect problems in the upper respiratory tract (particularly the nasal passages) and diagnose and monitor various types of cancer, conditions of the brain and spinal cord, and more.

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Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing for Dogs and Cats

Laboratory testing is another vital component of our diagnostic services, offering insights that imaging alone cannot provide. Through blood tests, urinalysis, and specialized diagnostics, we can uncover conditions ranging from infections to organ dysfunction and blood disorders. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped to detect health issues at their onset, enabling us to formulate effective treatment plans promptly.

For further details on how our X-ray, CT scan technologies, and laboratory testing can benefit your pet, or to arrange an appointment, please contact us at (727) 376-7600!