veterinarian holding exotic pet

New Clients

Our goal at the Animal Care Center of Pasco County is to be able to care for and nurture as many animals as possible. To that end, we’re always welcoming new clients.

If you haven’t yet been to our facility, you can expect a clean, comfortable, and state-of-the-art hospital designed with your pet’s needs in mind, and a medical team that wants nothing more than to put you and your animal companion at ease.

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What to Expect at Your Appointment

Initial appointments typically begin with one of our technicians taking down your pet’s medical history. Your veterinarian will then perform a nose-to-tail examination on your pet, present you with an assessment and a possible treatment plan, take any questions you might have, and dispense any necessary medication. Payment will then be processed at our front desk.

You know your pets better than anyone. We consider ourselves a partner in your pet’s health. Please do not hesitate at any point during your pet’s visit to pepper us with questions. We’re here and eager to help!

Receptionist Holding Large Dog