Tiffany Behavioral Consaltanttech


Vet Tech/Crematory Director

Tiffany first started with us in 2005 as a receptionist and technician. She has extensive experience in feline and canine behavior and enjoys dog training and wildlife rescue, as well as hospice, senior, and end-of-life care. Her furry and feathered family consists of American bulldogs Angus and Beefy, a Puerto Rican rescue named Daphney, a Pomeranian named Fergie, a cat named Albert Fuddy, a conure named Howdy, Leroy the giant Flemish bunny, and several chickens. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys horseback riding, camping, and kayaking. She can also be found helping out on her sister’s hobby farm, spending time with friends and family, and lazing around on the beach.

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