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Boarding Form

It is a priority of the doctors and staff at Animal Care Center of Pasco County that we abide by our ethical standards of care for our patients. Those standards include keeping our patients comfortable and free of pain or discomfort while under our care. The doctors will provide pain relief at their discretion and at my expense. I understand this policy and agree that the doctors and staff will use their professional judgment to keep my pet(s) comfortable while here and administer appropriate medications as they deem necessary.

I hereby consent and authorize the Doctors of Animal Care Center of Pasco County to receive, prescribe for, treat or operate on my pet(s) while hospitalized or boarded at Animal Care Center of Pasco County. I further authorize my pet(s) to be transported to any facility-related Animal Care Center of Pasco County if care or treatments are deemed appropriate elsewhere.

The doctors and staff will use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, or destruction of the animal(s) and their belongings, but will not be held liable or responsible in any manner, or under any circumstances, on the account of the care, treatment, or safe keeping of my pet(s), or otherwise in connection therewith, as it is understood that I assume all risks.

I have been given the opportunity to read the information from the University of Florida college of Veterinary Medicine regarding the CANINE HEALTH ADVISORY. I understand that while boarding, and/or hospitalizing my dog at Animal Care Center of Pasco County the doctors and staff will take every precaution to avoid illness in my dog, but that because this new illness has no vaccination available and because it has been proven that dogs have no natural immunity, I understand that I am having my dog admitted at my own risk.

I further understand that should my dog come down with the symptoms of Canine Influenza during a boarding period that antibiotic ad/or cough therapy will be started and this will be done at my expense. In addition, if any symptoms should arise after an admission period, I understand that I am financially responsible for the treatment of my pet then as well.

I understand ANY problem that develops with my pet while I am absent will be treated as deemed best by the staff veterinarians and I ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the treatment expense involved.

Pets neglected to be picked up after five days of the arranged departure date will be considered abandoned and will become property of Animal Care Center of Pasco County and any and all future decisions regarding the pet’s placement, conditions, and treatments will be made by Animal Care Center of Pasco County as deemed best. And it is understood that your so doing does not relieve me from paying all costs incurred, including boarding costs until said pet(s) are placed or adopted.

I have read the foregoing and agree.

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